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Launched in Iraq in 1990 and currently the headquarter based in Lebanon driven by a pioneering spirit, Nasri Goup of Companies is a multifaceted group of 12 companies that are leaders and a key player in 6 sectors, including;

Real Estate Development

  • Downtown Erbil
  • Justice Tower
  • Dream City


  • Safen Marble & Granit Factory
  • GSF Construction
  • Hollow-core Factory
  • Vehicles, machines, tower cranes


  • Basra International Hotel
  • Nineveh International Hotel
  • Business hotel in Justice Tower

Liquor Beverages
(Union Interocean)

William Grant & Sons

Offices and Luxury Business (Justice Tower)

Pharmaceutical distribution (Orca Medicare)

Our Concept and Goals

With our extensive experience in creating demand across markets, our efficient distribution networks and our dedicated, quality services, we have established privileged partnerships in all the areas we do business.

Today, we are proud to be the exclusive representative of global brands and the innovators of our own. Operating in Lebanon, Iraq, UAE, Greece, Africa & South America.

Nasri Group of Companies is a formidable business partner and a gateway to reaching millions of consumers in the world.



Opening of the second stage of Downtown Erbil in June 2016

Opening of Justice Tower’s offices in July 2016

Providing Smart Logistic Solution Across The World