Nasri Group of Companies, founded in the mid eighties, it’s the successful outcome of an extensive passionate set by NASRI brothers:
            - Architect Nizar Nasri
            - Dr. Nameer Nasri
            - Architect Ramez Nasri

Nasri Group main activities started in the field of import and export of construction materials and soft drinks in the Iraqi market. In 1990. The Nasri brothers expanded their scope of activities later on, to include several areas and states, encompassing real estate investment, hospitality and services in both the industrial and commercial sectors, as they were able to create strategic partnerships with international corporations as well as local companies and investors.

Then in 1999 the NGC start investing in Soft drinks factories with PEPSICO:

1. In 1999 we became the exclusive bottler of PEPSICO in Azerbaijan Republic(sold out in 2010).

2. In 2007 we become the exclusive Bottlers of PEPSICO in North Iraq that is including (Kurdistan Reign, Mosul & Kirkuk). (sold out 2011).

Then NGC Group start investing in Real-estate Developments in Iraq, as following:

 1. Hospitality Industry:

In 2002 we build the first two five stars hotel in Erbil - IRAQ:

1. Erbil International Hotel: 193 rooms with all the facilities. (Sold out)

2. Khanzad Resorts & Hotel: 73 rooms with all the facilities. (Sold out).

In 2004 we signed three contracts with the ministry of Tourism of Iraq, to Invest of rebuilding and rehabilitation then to manage of the following hotels:

 1. Basra International Hotel: 206 rooms with all the facilities. (Operating since 2010 till now)

2. Nineveh International Hotel: 201 rooms with all the facilities. (It was operational since 2009 till 2013)

3. Mosul International Hotel: ( under contraction).


2. Commercial Development:

1. Downtown Erbil: In 2003 NGC start investment in developing Downtown Erbil, the biggest shopping mall & bazaar in Iraq. Which contain more than 8000 shops, 4000 offices, 5000 cars parking, cafes, restaurants & entertainment. The first face of Downtown Erbil, operated in 2007, the second face operated in 2016.

2. Justice Tower: In 2012 NGC start investing in the highest tower in Erbil & in Iraq, it’s the biggest commercial tower in all Iraq, it’s contain around 1450 offices in different sizes, Business Hotel with 384 rooms, food court, GYM, entertainment, Meeting and conference rooms,…etc. Justice tower start operation in 2016.

 3. Residential Development:

Dream City – Erbil: In 2003 NGC start investing to developing Dream City, the most luxurious residential complex in Erbil city. Which contain now 800 villas, SABIS International School, two Commercial Plazas, shops, cafes, restaurants, sport courts …etc. Start operational since 2006.

4. Construction Factories:

NGC invested in many factories to support the contraction & development of its own projects as following:

1. Safen Factory: for Marble and Granite: for cutting and polishing the marble & the granite.

2. Resin factory: It’s a special factory for decorative resin.

3. Steel factory: specials in Mega size Sky lights & space frame.

4. Hollow-core factory: specializes in molding of hollow concrete slabs.

5. NGC also owns fleet of Vehicles, machines, tower cranes to be used in its own constrictions.

5. Tread & Distribution:

in 2012 NGC invested in creating a big distribution network to cover the Iraqi market with the pharmaceutical medicine.

Orca Medicare LTD: the exclusive distributor of pharmaceuticals of many brands to the Iraqi Market.


Vision and Goals

 The global development and expansion of our scope of activities is a key factor in the various areas our group covers, including reconstruction, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution and management , based on quality, efficiency and credibility. Our success is measured in the ability to understand the facts, absorb the details and deal with those in a serious and perseverant manner.